I will use this space to try and explain what type of posts you can expect in each category.

Match Preview: Short Analysis

Posts about what to expect from the opponents will be posted here. These posts will focus on our opponent and how that might affect the tactics Arsenal will employ.

Match Review: Tactical Analysis

In this page you will find a Post-Match Breakdown of all the matches played by Arsenal FC this season, highlighting the key factors and impacts on each match as well as short player reviews and tactical insights.

Tactical Theorizing

Articles in this page will discuss the latest tactical changes in the team and identify where we have the potential or need for improvement.

Where FIFA misleads

In this light hearted page we will look at the way players move and react on the pitch as opposed to how we think they should, owing to our propensity to accept everything we do in our video games as “realistic”.

Tactics: All in one

This is where you will find everything that has got to do with Tactics. All the posts in the above four categories can be found here. Think of this category as a desk and the above three categories as drawers of the desk.