I believe a little bit of explanation is needed why there are 3 sub-menus for “Finance”. So I will use this space to explain what type of posts the reader could expect in the categories:

Financial Analysis

Posts in this category will be related to the official accounts. So an interpretation of the official accounts would go here. The reason I do this interpretation is because I firmly believe that some football fans don’t know what to do with the official numbers reported but would really want to know what is going on with their team financially. I have to emphasise that it will be an interpretation and thus will sometimes have my opinions skew the piece a bit; however I will try to be as factual as possible.

When a bunch of frequently asked questions emerge constantly I will most probably make a FAQ post to answer them. These FAQ posts will also go under the category of “Financial Analysis”. Some of the questions will only be vaguely related to Finance but in the answer I will try and make it clear why the question at hand is related to finance. For example in my first FAQ post, question 1 was “Why is our home support so silent/weak?” Although this might seem like it is completely unrelated to Finance I believe that the devil lies in the details: Financial debt in a sustainable model –> Revenue growth needed –> Increase ticket prices –> Changes the build-up of the supporters –> less hardcore fans in the stadium –> silence. Of course in the post itself I did not use arrows to get my point across.

Posts in this category will have hard factual basis. The numbers will be taken from the official accounts.

Financial Theorizing

Posts in this category will vary regarding factual basis. Some posts will have some factual basis while others will be based on certain assumptions. This doesn’t mean I will write the continuation of the twilight saga and post it in this category. It merely means that the factual validity of the posts in this category are not as rigid as the posts in the top category. So you might ask: “Why even bother writing them up?” Well the reason is because not all information is publicly available. So if I were to write a piece on Arsenals wage structure and the micro-incentives it has, I will post that article under this category, because micro-incentives are not publicly available (we don’t know what drives a specific footballer, although we could guess).

Another type of post that will go in here is when I apply theory to Football. By that I mean I will analyse certain aspects of football finance using theories and methods borrowed from other fields of study. For example I might take aspects from Country Risk Analysis and try and explain why Arsenal bought certain players but not others. Or I might apply the theories of Kornai (shortage: the phenomena) to analyse a market of footballers. Long story short: these posts will be here as ‘food for thought’. They should NOT be considered as gospel. In fact the reader might completely disagree with my analysis.

Finance: All in one

This category is for people who don’t care which type of post they read as long as it has got to do with Arsenal finances. All the posts in Financial Analysis and Financial Theorizing will be here.